Why School Transport System?

Parents are concerned about security of their school going children, more than ever. And thus,
school administration have been sincere in their endeavours to build positive, secure, and comfortable
environment for their students.

To ensure that parents stay relaxed from the moment when they drop their children to the school bus,
allowing them to track the school bus is one of the finest ways to ensure that their children reached
school safely.

It is certainly one of the major steps that school authorities have been adopting to ensure children’s
security on their way to and from school. Having their trust in the idea of school bus tracking, CBSE
(as on 8 Jan 2018) issued a circular, mandating GPS in school buses.

“Global Positioning System (GPS) and CCTV arrangement should be made compulsorily in each
school bus. It shall be ensured by owner of the bus that the GPS and CCTV thus installed, is kept
in working condition at all the time.”

Now that school bus tracking have become a mandate, authorities have been quite serious in implementing it and ensuring that security remains in upfront. To make the idea getting executed with success, bus tracking systems that are reliable, cost-effective, and offers real time tracking
report is on the list of almost all schools in India.

School administrations require a tracking system, which is transparent, i.e. both the parties, school and the parents can locate the bus, track it in real time, and stay updated (through pings, notifications)
if in case there has been any diversion of bus from its route.

A Comprehensive School Bus Tracking System

A school bus tracking system has to be robust, technically strong, active, and meant for both school and parents. The ability to track multiple buses, send real time notifications, check for speed violation, unscheduled stoppage etc. are some of the features that are being looked after in school bus tracking system.

Understanding the security requirement, EduWick a school bus tracking system is being developed. A SAAS (software as a service) model for schools, it extends the safety measures of transport system through real time dashboard, allowing geo-fencing, maintaining vehicle movement history, monitor
multiple branches etc.